But What Happened the Day After Easter?

Many of us anticipated an Easter filled with church celebrations, family and fun.

But what did the day after Easter bring?

Parents sometimes dread it. “Who ate the head off my chocolate bunny?” “He tasted my jelly beans, then spit ’em back in my basket!”

And those irresistible baby rabbits Mommy bought? They’ve already matured, married, and are multiplying hourly.

Happy Day after Easter!

But for some of Polish descent, this day rates a major celebration. The first spring I lived in South Bend, Indiana, I figured the newspaper headline was an April Fool’s joke: “City Celebrates Dyngus Day.” Turned out, “dyngus” was not a driver in an adjoining parking space who smacked my car opening his door, but a for-real holiday. Participants polka with a sausage in one hand, a beer in the other, simultaneously shaking hands with politicians. Lacking coordination, I opted for the ancient ritual of eating Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs, 50 percent off.

Munching these one Dyngus Day, I wondered what Jesus, Easter’s originator, did the day after.

Ancient roadside tomb in Israel, similar to that of Jesus

Ancient roadside tomb in Israel, similar to that of Jesus

Though some had accused Him of being a party animal, the Bible makes no mention of Jesus’ hobnobbing with polka-dancing politicians. We know He surprised women friends, including Mary Magdalene, on Easter morning. He also nearly sent His paranoid band of disciples into seizures, showing up despite dead-bolted doors.

But what did He do the next day, while they depleted their cell phone minutes spreading the news? While they rechecked their eyes at the optometrist’s and their minds at the psychiatrist’s to confirm what they saw?

After Passion Week’s agony and the Resurrection’s ecstasy, perhaps Jesus craved a little quiet. Maybe He sat anonymously in a garden, listening to birds’ hallelujah choruses, watching baby green leaves unfold tiny, tender fingers.

Or, since time and space didn’t appear an issue after the Resurrection, He might have visited the Sea of Galilee, 80 miles away. Perhaps He played on the beach with children He had healed.

I imagine Jesus visited his mother. The Bible does not place her at the tomb with Mary Magdalene or with the disciples when He appeared Easter evening. Did they tell Mary they saw Jesus? Perhaps, still incredulous, they wanted to spare her false hope. However, rumors no doubt reached her ears. They always do.

But nothing prepared Mary for that “Hi, Mom.” For Jesus’ strong arms around her again, for the still-wounded hands that dried her tears.

A skeptic interrupts my reverie. “Wait. How do you know what Jesus did? You weren’t there.”

No. But since I will live forever because of Jesus’ resurrection, someday, I plan to ask Him.

How do you think He spent that day?

6 thoughts on “But What Happened the Day After Easter?

  1. Cindy Lynn Sawyer

    This is such a sweet thing to think about. I never contemplated the details of what Jesus may have done. Played with children he had healed at the beach? Quite sweet and entertaining. I can get lost in this thought … 🙂

    1. rachael Post author

      I can get lost in it, too, Cindy! Jesus had just redeemed all mankind and gone to hell and back. Perhaps the human part of Him needed respite with His father–and with those of simple, nonjudgmental faith, like little kids building sand castles on the beach.

      Thanks for your comment, and happy week after Easter to you!

  2. Angie K.

    I appreciate the thought of the visit to his mother… it may not be written, but I’m relatively certain this would have been on his early agenda. As John told us at the end of his epistle, if all of his words and actions had been recorded, “the world itself could not contain the books that would be written”. I think this gives us permission to imagine. 🙂

    1. rachael Post author

      Thanks for your thoughtful, scriptural comment, Angie! One of Jesus’ major concerns, even as he was dying on the cross, involved His mother. We all remain attached to our moms in so many, many ways. I, too, can see reuniting with her would be high on His agenda!

    1. rachael Post author

      Karla, Can you imagine the RELIEF, the joy that woman must have felt! We all feel that way when we discover our kids made it home safe and sound. But compared to Mary’s experience? Whoa!

      Thanks for your comment, and a blessed week after Easter to you!


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