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OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Signs of the Times

Father, after several months, I still puzzle over these signs. First, a road was closed that hasn’t attracted the first road worker or bulldozer. Second, why are pedestrians encouraged to detour onto this road when nothing in our neighborhood is closed? OMG, it seems those in charge haven’t a clue where they’re going. Do they want to ensure that no one else does, either?

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Galaxy-Garden Theology

Jesus, I’m grateful for the consistency of the Your laws that keep our planets, stars and galaxies running, a huge, well-oiled universe.

Image by gene1970 from Pixabay.

 But, OMG, do You sometimes toss out small surprises — such as our blackberries outgrowing cherry tomatoes — to remind us You can?

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Future Perfect

O my God, thank You for the promise of eternal life. For a future perfect home — including the perfect linen closet — that You’re designing for me. OMG, I’ll even be able to find the pillowcases?!

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: God, Sometimes, You’re So Impractical!

Jesus, You could have made Planet Earth as sleek, plain and efficient as a machine. But, OMG, I’m so glad Your beautiful mind just HAD to create beauty.

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Hicks Want to Escape to the Sticks Again

Jesus, thank You for a wonderful camping trip and safety coming home — which now seems like a palace. Here, we endure a wee-hour bathroom hike of only a few steps. But, OMG, on this Monday morning, would you please bless this after-campout mess … and maybe make it disappear?  

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Making a Joyful Noise

O my God, some of Your children love to sing loud in church, and I’m one of them. While we know You’re not hard of hearing, we’re glad You’re not nervous, either.

Nailing the high note

What? … OMG, maybe the people in the pews in front of us are?

Earplugs, please.

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Smart Kid

O Lord, years ago, this little guy declared his blue Play-Doh snake was bigger than God. Upon further reflection, though, he decided that no, the thing he’d made wasn’t nearly as big as the God of the universe.

OMG, thank You that he continues to mold his life with that wisdom!

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Shhhh, Already!

Jesus, You Know our washer roars like a rocket launch during its spin cycle.

Our microwave’s “done” beep sounds like a threefold BLEEP.

Our car’s alarm probably will never go off amid a theft; no, it brays like a dinosaur-sized donkey whenever my husband dares pull a quarter from his pocket.

OMG, how can I be still and know You

when my world won’t shut up?

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Blessings in Disguise

O Lord, like birthdays we’d rather forget …

Road construction happens every year.


But OMG, You’re right, as always. What if both never showed up?

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Irate Expectations

O Lord, You know I’ve griped at two rosebushes because they refused to bloom. Lately, I’ve threatened, “Bloom, or I’ll feed you to the compost pile!” Finally, I consulted rose-raising directions … and discovered I’d been subjecting the bushes to feeding famine.

Likewise, OMG, if I go to You, the Expert, and read Your Directions, I might discover that smart nurturing, rather than negativity, will bud beauty in others.