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OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Kind Riot

O Lord, You know that recently, a hundred young voices tore through my sleep. A multitude marched down our dark street! Anarchy? Violence? Then … I recalled the local Christian college’s freshman tradition, begun in helping a convenience store stay open: students show up en masse to buy soft drinks. OMG, thank You for a riot rooted in kindness. But maybe they could shift their support to the day shift?           

Photo by Hubert de Thé from Pixabay

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer

O Lord, another spectacular sunrise! Amid glorious sherbet-colored clouds, the butter-cake sun shines through dark-chocolate trees … um, sorry, Jesus, dieting is getting to me. But viewing Your generous artistry day after day — OMG, where do we funny little people get off, thinking You aren’t Love?  

OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Father, Are You Crazy?!

O Lord, You know I fed, watered, and pampered these plants. I talked to them, even read my books to them, yet the ingrates refused to thrive. So, I dumped these rejects where no one can see. I hope the frost gets them first!

What’s that, Lord? OMG, you love rejects? And You can recreate them … like this?