4 thoughts on “OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: Help!

    1. rachael Post author

      We started out to do only a couple of miles. But the terrain was so gorgeous, we just had to keep going! (By the time I fell, we were midway, so going forward made more sense than going back–especially since it wasn’t as steep! Survived to hike another day 🙂

      Hope your summer isn’t too crazy. Think of you often!

      Love, Rach

  1. Michele Whitman

    Glad you didn’t break anything. I watched one of our toddlers the other day fall several times. He was up and running before you could ask if he was ok. I would still be on the floor after the first fall. 😊

  2. rachael Post author

    Isn’t it the truth, Michele! I’d be in a permanent body cast if I fell as often as our youngest grandbaby! But maybe this old bird is tougher than she thinks 🙂 (Though I’m not the rattlesnake warrior you are! )

    Thanks for your comment, and hope you and your bunch have a good day!


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