OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: I’m Not Old; I’m a Classic

Oh, my God, tomorrow this 1953 model turns 63. Like its creaky Chevy counterpart, some parts don’t work so well. Still, me and the Chevy get around. But no car’s chassis spreads with each passing year, whereas mine . . . OMG, You are the Designer. Maybe You might fix that?


2 thoughts on “OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: I’m Not Old; I’m a Classic

  1. Josephine Pak

    Happy birthday, Rachael.
    I don’t know about the car much, but I heard that the motor of Chevy can run for about twenty or thirty years at top. But your motor has been running for sixty-three years and will keep running for a looooong time. Furthermore, you have never-die energizing spirit. I am amazed at it.
    Have a blessed birthday.

  2. rachael Post author

    Josephine, Thanks so much for your kind words! Sometimes this girl’s motor s-l-o-w-s and idles, but with God’s blessings and the encouragement of friends like you, she’ll keep running for a long time. I did have a fun, blessed birthday, and I’ve eaten way, way too many celebratory goodies 🙂 But what’s the use in having a birthday if you can’t splurge a little, right?


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