OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer

Oh my God, I’m sure You remember the days when I avoided being seen with Dad. During my hippie days, there were plenty of times when he’d rather not be seen with me! But now, OMG, how thankful we are to still be seen together!

2 thoughts on “OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer

    1. rachael Post author

      Haha, Angie, I used to go to class barefoot! My college/hippie years were also my poorest years, so I mostly chose to eat rather than to take pictures 🙂 I remember one time when my dad, dressed in a sport coat, visited my brother and me wearing our typical grubbies, long hair stringing in our faces. Now I realize he was trying to be accepting, but wondered what mutations had affected the perfect DNA he’d handed down!

      Thanks for your comment, and blessings from your old-hippie friend.


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