2 thoughts on “OMG, It’s Monday! Prayer: 44 Years?!

  1. Charlotte Ricard

    Rachael….I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Otterbein St. Marys recently. I did purchase the book “A Plain and Sweet Christmas” with your “Pirate of My Heart”. I just read part of it today. I have said for some time now that I cannot read any book from cover to cover…. so was thinking a book of short stories might work. But alas I am convinced I just don’t appreciate fiction anymore…..especially where there is a lot of conversation…..probably something to do with my aging brain and concentration.
    Your father and mother in-law live on my street here at OSM and years back my mother even played bridge with Betty. She passed away in 2016 and my husband in 2017….so life as a motherless adult and now a widow is no bowl of cherries…..and what am I doing in the pits? I guess I was raised to be too serious….not a lot of laughs. I think you get the idea Rachael….but I am blessed and am learning to be lonely as the song says.
    Best Wishes….Charlotte Smalley Ricard…..class of 1959 Celina High School and drop out of Otterbein College in 1962

    1. rachael Post author

      Thanks so much, Charlotte, for your kind words. I had a great time with your group!

      I am blessed with wonderful in-laws and thankful both you and they have such a special community. So sorry for your losses–missing dear ones is never easy, is it? May God grant you peace and comfort in 2019. Best wishes to you, too!


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